About us

We are a small, family-run business, based in Devon. Most of the day to day business is run by myself (Rose) and my daughter Hollie.  The whole family play a part, including daughter Bea, who helps with product selection, to my hubby Ian, who handles all the technical issues.

I am a sewing addict and have tried to create a website that I'd like to shop in myself. We only sell things that I'd be happy to use myself. Colour makes me happy so you'll find lots of it here. Price is of great importance, of course, especially when making things to sell, so everything is outstanding value. We also understand that when a creative idea strikes you just want to get on with it right away, so we get orders out as fast as humanly possible, almost always within 24 hours. Finally, we know that you can choose to shop elsewhere if you are not 100% happy, so make customer service our number one priority.