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Discount Schemes


Customer Discount Schemes

We currently provide the following schemes to help save our customers money on their purchases:

  • Wholesale Discount Scheme - primarily aimed at wholesale buyers, orders for whole reels of our furnishing trims over £200 will automatically be discounted by 10% at the check-out. Please note that the discount will only be applied to whole reels
  • Voucher Codes - From time-to-time we will offer discount voucher codes by email or included within your delivered order.
  • Customer Loyalty Scheme - After much consideration, we have decided to close our customer loyalty program from June 30th 2022. The scheme has not worked as well as we hoped and has been full of problems. Please convert any outstanding points to vouchers before the end of June.

It should be noted, these schemes cannot be combined, you can only use one of these discounts  each time you checkout. 

 Redeeming Your Pin-points

When you have 100 Pin-points you can exchange them for a voucher worth £1 off your order. 500 Pin-points are worth £5 off. 1000 Pin-points will give you £10 off. When you redeem your points you'll be given a voucher code which you must enter at the checkout to obtain the discount. Please note that you can only enter one code with each order. So for example if you have 300 points you can exchange them for £1 off 3 orders or you might prefer to wait until you have 500 points and get £5 off your order. Also points cannot be redeemed if you are already using our wholesale discount or other promotional discount for your order. 

We reserve the right to alter or amend the loyalty program at any stage without prior notification.